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grlx has a concept of file providers for different ways that you might obtain a file to be added to a given sprout. This uses a provider interface to keep this extensible and provide a standard way to use different file types. The go interface for File Providers looks like the following:

type FileProvider interface {
    Download(context.Context) error
    Properties() (map[string]interface{}, error)
    Parse(id, source, destination, hash string, properties map[string]interface{}) (FileProvider, error)
    Protocols() []string
    Verify(context.Context) (bool, error)

By default, grlx has two built-in providers: local and HTTP.


The local provider would be how you would use a file from your host system.


    - source: go1.21.3.src.tar.gz
    - hash: sha256=186f2b6f8c8b704e696821b09ab2041a5c1ee13dcbc3156a13adcf75931ee488


The HTTP provider allows you to download files via HTTP for use. The example below is using the HTTP provider to download Go from the Internet. This file then gets cached to the sprout.


    - source:
    - hash: sha256=186f2b6f8c8b704e696821b09ab2041a5c1ee13dcbc3156a13adcf75931ee488